The idea to start this blog came to me rather suddenly. I’ve been a makeup junkie for a long time but I never thought I’d decide to blog about it. Usually I’d just sit on the couch in the evening and would browse and research makeup products for hours. I am mildly obsessed with beauty products, so I often want to share my thoughts on powders and blushes, lipsticks and mascaras with somebody. The only “somebody” in the room is usually my husband who has no wish to hear anything about how new Dior Transat edition lipstick is different from one in the Guerlain’s Rouge line. One night, when I was telling him about various eye creams, he told me: “Dude (yes, that’s how he calls me), you know so much about all this stuff, why won’t you blog about it instead of telling me? Even if I try, I won’t understand what you’re talking about, but it might be interesting to somebody else looking for a good eye cream.” First I was, like, “nah, why bother,” but then I thought – why not? I am not a professional makeup artist or a beauty expert, in fact, I renovate houses for a living. On the other hand, I have been studying and researching beauty products for so long that I do feel like I can tell a lot about many of them. Moreover, my own path to the world of beauty has been full of failures and disappointments: 5 years ago I wouldn’t know how to use a mysterious thing called a “highlighter”, or would buy a set of eyeshadows that will fall out after an hour of wearing them. In those dark times I often felt like if I had a friend who was into makeup, it’d be much easier for me. The truth is we are not born with knowledge of how to apply blush and use a beauty blender, but we can learn how to do that from each other (without being that awkward customer who doesn’t know shit about anything at Sephora or Nordstrom). Having said that, I’d be very happy if I am even somewhat helpful to you in that process. Also, if you already are an experienced shopper, I think you still might find something useful in my blog – from my own experience I know that I am always eager to see somebody else’s thoughts and feelings about a product I am interested in.

Dear fellow ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re looking for a professional advice here – you won’t find it. However, if you want to read a full, thorough and honest review about, let’s say, lip balm, with advice of how and when wear it, its smell or packaging (and million other details which are rarely mentioned in product description but matter so much) you came to a right place. I am just starting my blog, so there won’t be many posts for now – I am working on it. If you like my writing and would like to hear my opinion on a certain product – just let me know and I’ll check it out for you and write a review. Another thing I wanted to point out is that you won’t find too many bad reviews on my website. The reason is that before I buy anything I usually do a lot of research and that way avoid buying things that I will hate. My research is not scientific  but it works for me: I usually just read reviews of other people,  go to the store and try a product, consider other options — and only after all of that I actually make a purchase. Of course, sometimes even thorough research doesn’t help and I still dislike what I bought or I do impulsive shopping and end up loving what I got. However, that doesn’t happen often and in most cases I buy what I really love. Therefore most of my ratings will be 3 stars or higher.

Every makeup junkie has her favorite brands. I am the same way, although I usually have favorite brands for certain products, so I’ll never say that I like absolutely everything by Dior or MUFE. I’d specify that when I look for a lipstick, my personal favorites are Guerlain and NARS, when I need an SPF lotion, I always buy Shiseido. However, despite my preferences, I never discriminate other brands and always look forward to discovering something new. The world of beauty has no limits and there’ll always be something new and amazing to try.

And finally, since this is “about me” page, I feel like I should provide some basic info about me. Here it is: I am 26, have been living in Washington, D.C. for the past four years, love to eat out, read and shop. I also have a wonderful husband who – thank heavens! – supports me in makeup shopping and blogging about it.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! And good luck with your makeup experiments! 🙂 After all, that’s what we are here for.