Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 216

Overall Rating

I got a trial size of this lipstick for 100 points at Sephora. As many of you probably know, Sephora has a Beauty Insider program when you get a point for each dollar you spend at their store.

Marc Jacobs just recently introduced Le Marc Lip Crème line of lipsticks and I was excited to try one of them without actually buying it. For a long time I was a bit suspicious about Marc Jacobs beauty products because the company got into the beauty industry only 2-3 years ago. Some time ago I bought Marc Jacobs blush and I didn’t find anything particularly great about it.

The little baby lipstick (0.03 oz.) that I got came in Kiss Kiss Bang Ban 216 color which is described as “baked rose”. It’s probably one of the most popular colors in this line. It came out recenty but is already out of stock on Sephora. I am sure it will be back though – it looks like everybody wants it. It truly is a beautiful shade of rose – dark, saturated and vivid. This color is matte (the whole line is if I remember correctly) so do not expect any shine or glitter. The color and texture of Le Marc strongly reminds of a limited edition lipstick by Givenchy (Le Rouge 207 Rose Pumetis) that I own. I love my Givenchy lipstick and I am happy that Marc Jacobs came up with a product that strongly resembles it and is not limited edition.

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