Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

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I bought this makeup remover because I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to expensive eye makeup removers like Dior and Chanel. I usually like Shiseido, especially their sunscreen products but this makeup remover proved to be quite a bit disappointing.

Shiseido Eye and Lip Makeup Remover costs $27 for 4.2 fl.oz. For example, Chanel eye makeup is $34 for 3.4 fl.oz. So, at first glance, the purchase seemed like a good deal.

Shiseido makeup remover comes in a simple plastic transparent bottle. It’s liquid. There are a couple of good things about it: it is non-irritating (doesn’t sting like some other eye makeup removers), does not cause me breakouts, feels gentle and non-drying. Shiseido makeup remover does work instantly, as it is claimed: first you need to shake it so the solution emulsifies, then pour a little bit of the remover on a cotton pad, and wipe your eyelid with it. Most of the makeup (eyeshadow and mascara, for example) will come off immediately, but some traces of it, especially waterproof mascara, will still be there. So, normally I need two cotton pads soaked in the makeup remover to take makeup off one eyelid. I also use it to remove makeup from my eyebrows – it works. However, you really need to spend quite a lot of the product to remove all traces of eye makeup. I have this remover for a bit over a month and I only have about a 1/3 of a bottle left. Usually a makeup remover (smaller size) lasts much longer for me. I am not happy about it but it’s not my main issue with this product.

Its main problem is that it is oily. Very oily. So oily it annoys the hell out of me. Sephora description states that “it [the remover] leaves skin fresh and smooth without an oily feeling.” It is so not true for me! Every time I use it I feel like I just applied some Goo Gone to my eyes. The oily residue is so bad that besides cleaning my face with a toner and a cleansing milk after I use Shiseido, I always feel like I also need to wash my face with a cleanser. That helps to remove the traces of Shiseido makeup remover but I would prefer not having to do that, especially at night.

My conclusion is: not recommended. Honestly, L’Oreal eye makeup remover from a drug store has much better texture and works as instantly as Shiseido. If you do want to try a more expensive makeup remover, go with Chanel or Dior (I prefer Chanel). I’ll finish the bottle I have (never made it to the store to return it) but I’ll never buy it again.

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I bought this product here: Shiseido Instant Eye and Makeup Remover


Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover on July 1, 2015 rated 2.9 of 5
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