Givenchy Poudre Première Mat and Translucent-Finish Loose Powder

Overall Rating

Givenchy cosmetics is a bit of terra incognita for me. Before this powder, I had only one other product by this company – a lipstick. Purchase of this powder was rather spontaneous – I got a Sephora gift card and decided to spend it on something I normally wouldn’t buy. Givenchy loose powder caught my eye because of its beautiful packaging. For some reason, there are not many reviews on this powder in the Internet, and it seems unfair because the powder is quite good.

First of all, let’s start with the price. The powder costs $53-54, which is a lot but at the same time is sort of expected from a brand like Givenchy. For example, Dior loose powder is $52 – practically the same. However, although I don’t mind paying for quality and brand name, I feel a bit tricked because, in my opinion, there is not sufficient amount of powder in the case for this money. I have La Mer loose powder – it cost me a bit more, $65, but it’s a huge case with an incredible amount of powder. I think there is almost twice as much powder as there is in the Givenchy container.

Second thing I’d like to talk about is packaging. Minimalistic black enamel case with Givenchy logo on the top is stunning. This powder can easily serve as a beautiful décor piece on your vanity table. It looks so much more elegant than any other loose powder I’ve ever seen. I’d like to note though that this is not the powder you can carry in your purse – the case is big but fragile. For the same reasons I also never take it when I travel. This seems to be a problem with majority of loose powders – their cases are huge. I think only Bare Minerals make the powder case small enough but I really don’t like their powder. I do wish Givenchy, La Mer and other high-end brands start making travel-size makeup items.

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