Edward Bess Ultra Dewy Complexion Perfector in Medium

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Edward Bess is not a famous or very popular brand but I am really fond of their products. They are expensive and usually only Neiman Marcus carries this brand but from time to time you can find Edward Bess cosmetics at Sephora or Amazon at a very affordable prices (sometimes 50% off!).

Complexion Perfector is my favorite product by Edward Bess. Complexion Perfector is something between a foundation, a BB cream and a tinted moisturizer and it got the best of all three. It gives coverage like foundation, hydrates like a moisturizer and gives you the natural glow like a good BB cream should. On Neiman Marcus its price is $56 which is pretty high in my opinion. I remember buying it on sale for about $30. However, there is plenty of the product in the tube and it should last you for a while (I bought mine two years ago and still haven’t finished it). So, $56 might not be so bad after all.

It comes in a simple plastic black tube. There is nothing particularly elegant about the packaging but it is good and sturdy. There are four colors available: Light, Tan, Medium and Deep. I use Medium. It looks a bit darker than my skin but when I apply it, it adapts to my complexion and sort of melts in. What I love about the Perfector particularly is that, unlike other BB creams (Dior BB Cream and NARS Tinted Moisturizer), it doesn’t give my skin that orange oompa-loompish undertone. The texture is nice: it’s a bit runny and that way it melts in with your skin faster and more naturally.

Complexion Perfector is easiest to apply with damp Beauty Blender. When Beauty Blender is damp, you add moisture to your face and the application is much easier. Complexion Perfector will not give you a 100% coverage, so if you want to cover serious imperfections like pimples and blemishes, I’d suggest either using a concealer in addition to the Perfector, or switch to your usual foundation. Complexion Perfector is designed to give a super natural and glowing look, therefore its texture is lighter than one of a usual foundation. I love using the Perfector in summer time because my usual foundation (Dior Nude) can be too much in the 90-degree weather. The Perfector is practically weightless but still gives me the glow and some coverage. Just as said in its description, my skin looks like my skin but better. I also often use it when going to the gym: it works really well if you are sweating and doesn’t feel heavy.

After I apply Complexion Perfector, I usually follow up with translucent setting powder (I use MUFE or Givenchy – both are great) to set your makeup.

I read that some ladies are complaining that Complexion Perfector is adding too much dewiness to your face – to the point when skin looks oily rather than dewy. That can happen, especially if your skin is more on the oily side. However, setting powder should help with that: it will remove unnecessary dewiness but will preserve the glow. For the ladies with dry skin Complexion Perfector should be just perfect.

Finally, Complexion Perfector is really moisturizing: my skin feels hydrated throughout the day when I wear Perfector. Perfector plus damp Beauty Blender – is a great way to moisturize your skin. In terms of hydration, Perfector is better than any foundation I have.

I would like to note that despite Perfector’s moisturizing effect, before I apply it I still apply a day cream and just a little bit of foundation primer: they help set the makeup and lock some moisture for the day.

Overall, in my opinion Complexion Perfector is a perfect everyday foundation/tinted moisturizer for summer season. When it’s hot and humid, this weightless and naturally looking product is exactly what a girl needs.

I bought Perfector on sale at Sephora. However, right now it’s not available there. You can buy it at Neiman Marcus:

Edward Bess Utra Dewy Complexion Perfector in Medium

Natural looking
Good value
Long wearing
Awesome factor

Edward Bess Ultra Dewy Complexion Perfector in Medium on May 6, 2015 rated 3.8 of 5
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