Chanel Lait Confort Cream Cleansing Milk Comfort + Anti-Pollution Face & Eyes

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Chanel has been doing much better in terms of makeup and skincare products in the last few years. Price-wise it’s very similar to Dior and Guerlain (not skincare products though). First I fell in love with Chanel eye makeup remover. Next I decided to try cleansing milk. Before I used Dior cleansing milk and I can say that I like Chanel much more.

The bottle of Chanel cleansing milk costs $45. The bottle is pretty big – 150 ml or 5 fl.oz. This is a very gentle but effective makeup remover for sensitive skin. It has a nice but rather strong smell: I like it, however, if you generally don’t like strong flowery smells in your skincare products, try it first at Nordstrom (or Bloomingdale’s). Packaging is great: the pump is convenient to use and never gets clogged. Black-and-white bottle is simple and elegant and looks good on my bathroom counter top.

Chanel Lait Confort cleansing milk has amazing silky texture: after I use it, my skin is soft and velvety. Unlike other makeup removers, Chanel cleansing milk does not irritate my skin: it doesn’t get red, there are no breakouts, no stinging. Sometimes I don’t even use night cream after I clean my face because it is that gentle and moisturizing. Lait Confort’s moisturizing qualities are due to Arum Lily Extract. Although it’s gentle it cleanses skin deeply and thoroughly: apparently, it’s all thanks to de-pollution qualities of Tulip Tree extract. I don’t know anything about tulip trees, but it’s extract works!

I only use this makeup remover for removing face makeup (foundation, bronzer, blush). To remove eye makeup I use either Chanel or Shiseido eye makeup removers (not huge fan of Shiseido but need to finish the bottle). The reason is that I prefer water-and-oil-based makeup removers for my eyes and brows.

I use Chanel Lait Confort exclusively as a makeup remover, not as a toner or a cleanser. I use it every day, usually at nighttime. This is my usual makeup removing routine:

  1. Remove eye makeup. I use Chanel eye makeup remover.
  2. Remove face makeup with Chanel Lait Confort cleansing milk.
  3. Remove the residues of makeup and tone the skin with Dior Instant Cleansing Water with Pure Lily Extract.

Instead of CVS cotton rounds I use Selena Organic Cotton Facial Puffs from Japan. They are sold on Amazon: 200 puffs for $5.94. They are organic, have no pesticides, chemicals or bleach and have awesome texture: soft and velvety.

In conclusion, I absolutely love Chanel Lait Confort cleansing milk and I think that I finally found my perfect makeup removing combination (Chanel Bi-Phase eye makeup remover + Chanel Lait Confort cleansing milk + Dior Instant Cleansing Water).

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Chanel Lait Confort Cream Cleansing Milk Comfort + Anti-Pollution Face & Eyes on August 11, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5
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