Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

Overall Rating

Benefit High Beam is a new favorite of my everyday makeup routine. It is an amazing liquid highlighter which is extremely easy to apply and that helps you look refreshed and glowing with no effort.

High Beam seems pricey — $26 for a small bottle (0.45 oz.). However, I think it is an amazing deal because you need to use just a little bit of it to create a perfect look.

The bottle is glass which is a nice touch and has a small brush applicator. The packaging is of good quality – you can easily take it with you for vacation and not worry if it will spill or break. The only thing I am not happy with is the brush applicator. It is a bit too thick for highlighting purposes, so I don’t use it. I apply High Beam with my fingertips – that way application is much easier, less messy and I use less product

The highlighter is liquid but feels rather like thick emulsion. It comes in one universal color – shimmering, luminous pink. Before I tried it on, I had my doubts (usually anything pink doesn’t look that great on me) but it looked perfect. The highlighter sorts of melts onto skin and leaves only a veil of natural looking glow and a bit of shimmer. I apply it under the eyebrows and on the apple cheeks (after I apply foundation). I take a bit of High Beam on my fingertip and gently tap it on the eyelid or apple cheek until it melts in my foundation. The pink gradually disappears and the result is soft, natural shimmer that looks like you were born with it . Then I powder my face with translucent loose powder and apply some blush. Blush of any color will work beautifully with High Beam.

I read that some ladies also mix High Beam with their foundations: I haven’t tried it yet but when I’ll certainly update this blog.

After I started using High Beam, I practically quit all other highlighters I own right now – it feels that none of them is that easy to use and looks so good and natural on me.

Natural looking
Soft shimmer
Good value
Luminous glow
Awesome factor


I bought this product at Sephora: Benefit Cosmetics High Beam liquid highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam on December 18, 2014 rated 4.6 of 5
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