Benefit Cosmetics Majorette (Cream Blush)

Overall Rating

This little cutie is one of the best blushes I’ve had so far. Benefit Cosmetics surprises me from time to time with absolutely great products. Majorette is certainly one of those.

When I bought Majorette, I didn’t really need a blush. I bought it because I fell in love with its look and design. This piece of makeup looks like it came to us from the happy 20s – cute, feminine, and playful. The case has a mirror but I don’t use it – I normally apply blush at home in front of a big mirror. The case is small but because of its round shape I find it a bit awkward to carry in the purse. But again, I don’t really use blush outside my home.

Majorette is $28 – a bit expensive for blush.  I am not sure how long it will last, so I cannot tell if it is a good deal for the money. Moreover, this is a cream blush, and I usually finish my cream products much faster than powder ones.

So, what really is Majorette? It is a cream blush of universal peach shade that gives your cheeks additional glow and color. In my opinion, since the shade is very peachy/coralish, this blush suits best girls with warmer skin tones — light medium, medium or light olive skin. Unlike the description on Sephora website that claims that the shade is “pink-peach”, I don’t see a hint of pink in Majorette.

The smell is fruity, pleasant and not at all overwhelming, so that’s another plus. The texture is creamy but not to the point when it’s hard to use. Moreover, it sort of transforms into powder on your face and blends in impeccably.

The ‘how to use’ directions say you can apply it with your fingertips but, in my opinion, doing it with brush AND fingertips gives much better results. First, you don’t take too much of blush and second, it’s more hygienic. I use my concealer brush – I just touch apple of my cheeks with it – 2-3 strokes, you don’t need more, and then blend it in with my fingertips. For blending you can theoretically use flat foundation brush if you have one to spare but fingertips work just fine. Unlike most cream blushes which are exhausting to use – a good example would be Josie Maran Cheek Gelée – Majorette is extremely easy to use and practically impossible to overdo.

After I apply Majorette, I put on just a little bit of my highlighter (Dior Ultrashimmering Allover Face Powder in Amber Diamond — unfortunately, it’s discontinued) – that’s for natural tanned look. In theory, you can probably do just fine without the highlighter but I feel like it completes my look. For more happening, evening look, I apply one of my powder blushes – either Nars in Deep Throat or Dior in Rose Cherie. What I noticed is that Majorette under any of my powder blushes gives it more natural glow, subtle and delicate radiance.

Staying power of Majorette is good too – I wear it to the gym and never noticed it ‘disappearing’ even after an hour of intense workout.

So, obviously, my conclusion is very positive: while I wouldn’t call Majorette an absolute must, I’d say it is a great way to spoil yourself a little bit because Majorette:

  • Has an awesome and unique packaging;
  • Is a great quality product;
  • Allows you to achieve natural and beautiful glow effect with no extra effort;
  • Is very hard to overdo;
  • Has a good staying power;
  • Is perfect for everyday use.

Natural looking
Good value
Long wearing
Awesome factor

I bought it here: Benefit Cosmetics Majorette


Benefit Cosmetics Majorette (Cream Blush) on November 15, 2014 rated 4.5 of 5
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