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La Mer is famous for its skincare products – I am dreaming of those at night but still can’t make myself spend $200 on a tiny bottle with eye cream. The Powder is more reasonably priced – just $65 for a sizable container, and, in my opinion, is a good introduction to La Mer.

La Mer is very minimalistic and very expensive brand. Their products are basic – one type of powder, one type of foundation – but super solid and very high-quality.

La Mer powder was my first experience with loose powder (and the best one so far). For a long time I’ve been using compact powder and was a bit afraid of the whole concept of loose powder – seemed way too messy. When purchasing La Mer powder I combined my lust for this brand and curiosity for loose powder.

First of all, as I said before, the case is huge – and the amount of powder in it is more than generous. I use this powder everytime I do makeup, and one container lasts more than two years. It’s a great investment. The case is also rather sturdy: I dropped it several times, and there is not a single scratch on it. Second, it has a velour puff but I don’t like using it. I am not big fan of velour puffs in general since I think because of them you put more powder on your face than needed and it’s harder to cover face evenly. I recommend to apply any type of loose powder only with a kabuki brush or a classic allover round powder brush. Also, you don’t need much of it – just dip the brush into powder, then tap the brush lightly over the container to remove any excess, dust your face with powder. Repeat this operation if needed. I usually need only 1-2 dips.

La Mer powder is very light and fine: my face never looks anywhere close to cakey when I am wearing it. Unlike compact powders, the risk of cakiness with loose powders is generally lower but this powder really does wonders. It completes the makeup without making it heavier. The description the powder on Neiman Marcus website says it has “airspun seaborne particles” which help create flawless finish. I honestly have no idea what those particles are but I can say that whatever is in that powder, does help you achieve flawless look.

I got this powder in 02 Neutral color (there are three colors total) and it is perfect for my medium skin with peachy/yellow undertones. The description claims the powder provides translucent coverage – well, that’s not totally true for me. There is some color in this powder – it is not as completely translucent and universal for every complexion as, for example, Givenchy loose powder.

This powder seems to work well enough with all my foundations/tinted moisturizers except Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation. For some reason, these two just don’t blend into each other. Maybe this powder was designed to work with liquid or cream foundations only.

La Mer powder is mattifying and does not have any “glow” effect. I like it because I don’t like glow all over my face and if I need to highlight certain areas, I use a highlighter. Also, if you are tanned I would recommend using bronzer (powder, not liquid or cream) over the powder – just a little bit. I look more natural that way.

The powder has barely distinctive smell – sweet, with a tiny bit of vanilla – old-fashioned to my taste but certainly not unpleasant or irritating.

Finally, I don’t break out using this powder. It also doesn’t close my pores – I am super happy about it because this whole pore-tightening thing can easily cause pretty bad acne by closing your pores.


  • This is a great setting loose powder of high quality;
  • It lasts for a really long time (couple of years for me) and therefore justifies high price tag;
  • It has good packaging: doesn’t break, doesn’t scratch;
  • The powder is finely milled and provides weightless but effective coverage;
  • The powder helps matify and tone the skin;
  • The powder is good for sensitive skin;
  • Purchasing this powder is a quick way to fall in love with La Mer. 🙂

Good value
Natural finish
Awesome factor

You can purchase this powder here: La Mer The Powder




La Mer The Powder on November 25, 2014 rated 4.5 of 5
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