Dior Diorskin Nude Compact (in Cameo 22)

Overall Rating


A compact powder is a must-have for me. I never use compact powder when do my full makeup but have to have it in the purse for touch-ups during the day.

Diorskin Nude Compact comes in a pretty stainless-steel-and-glass-like case. It’s nice to carry around and it has a separate space for a sponge which I appreciate a lot. I never liked compacts with the sponge right on top of the actual powder. This compact is quite expensive — $50 but it should last for a long while (considering I use it for touch-ups only), so it’s not too bad. It also has a nice, large enough mirror.

Nude Compact comes in 10 colors. I use Cameo 22, which is perfect for my light medium (Asian, with yellow undertones) skin. First I wanted to get Medium Beige 30 bit it was way too dark for me.

This compact powder is called “dual-finish” because it has both a sponge and a little brush. The sponge is supposed to give you the foundation look. The brush is to be used for a finished look. However, what I do is a bit different. First of all, I don’t use the brush at all. Honestly, I don’t like it much. It’s small and inconvenient – very flat. I normally create finished look with loose powder and kabuki brush. The look comes out natural and flawless. So I put the brush in the pouch and forgot about it. I like the sponge – it allows to do very efficient touch-ups. It’s soft but doesn’t take too much powder, so the face doesn’t look caked after application. I never use the sponge to create the “foundation look”. I tried and it just doesn’t look that great – full coverage and flawlessness are quite hard to get with powder only. I love my Dior liquid foundation and will stick with it for now.

The texture and feel of Nude Compact are nice – it doesn’t feel heavy at all and at the same time is long-wearing and provides good coverage (for powder). I compare it with Diorskin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection and Diorskin Forever Pressed Powder, and both of those are worse than Diorskin Nude Compact. They are heavier, cakier and not that finely milled. It was really easy to overdo my makeup with those. Nude Compact is different – light and easy to use. I guess that is the whole point of “nude” — it gives you a natural, fresh look. However, this powder doesn’t give me any glow or radiance. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and so far haven’t noticed it.

So, my conclusion is this. I recommend Nude Compact as an in-purse compact powder. Therefore my overall rating is positive: as a touch-up portable tool this compact works really well. It has a nice case, a large mirror and is perfect for touch-ups on the go. However, I wouldn’t recommend it (and any other pressed powder) as your main finishing powder. And, of course, I’d never recommend to use it instead of your foundation. So, please beware that rating doesn’t cover the “natural foundation result” promised at Sephora website.

Good value
Natural finish
Awesome factor


I bought it at Sephora: Dior Diorskin Nude Compact in Cameo 22

Dior Diorskin Nude Compact (in Cameo 22) on December 23, 2014 rated 4.3 of 5
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