MAC Prep + Prime Lash (Eyelash Primer)

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MAC eyelash primer is the second product I own by MAC. The first one is mascara (which I am in love with by the way). For a long time I haven’t paid much attention to MAC because they don’t sell their products at Sephora (I like to collect my Beauty Insider points there). However, I must admit I started appreciating MAC after I tried their mascara and primer.

This primer comes in a black tube with subtle shimmer. Packaging is pretty simple but nice: doesn’t feel cheap despite an affordable price tag of $17. My purchase of the primer was impulsive – I didn’t research it before – but, as it turned out, rather successful.

Like all other primers I owned before, this primer is white substance, something between paste and emulsion. The applicator is good: easy to use, helps separate eyelashes and cover every one of them. When you apply the primer, it dries to a semi-clear base. That was a bit confusing in the beginning because I thought I didn’t apply enough primer and therefore it was not visible. Later I figured it out. I like this feature because some of the other primers I used (Dior Lash Maximizer, for example) are so white when dried, it feels like you have to paint mascara over them thrice. Prep +Prime dries very quickly, so you can apply mascara in just a few seconds after the primer.

Prep + Prime Lash primer visibly lengthens my eyelashes. After I apply mascara (I use MAC mascara), eyelashes become even longer and have more volume. The difference between wearing mascara alone and wearing it with the primer underneath is huge: my eyelashes look at least 1/3 longer when primed. Prep + Prime also does a good job of helping mascara stay longer: I definitely have less smudge accidents after I started using this primer and the mascara wearing time noticeably increased. Finally, I have much less clumping with Prep + Prime: eyelashes don’t stick to each other but still have amazing volume.

As far as I know, this primer should also help with conditioning your eyelashes. Honestly, I never thought eyelashes need to be conditioned but if it’s a concern of yours, it is one more reason to look closer at Prep + Prime.

In my opinion, it is very affordable and judging by the size of the tube I expect it to last a long time, like 5-6 months. I could not be happier with this primer and absolutely recommend it. I would suggest pairing it with MAC mascara: I tried Prep + Prime with 3-4 different mascaras (Clinique, Dior, Tarte and MAC) and noticed that it works best with MAC ‘Zoom Lash’ mascara. MAC surpassed all my expectations and now I am excited to try their other products.

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I bought Prep + Prime at the MAC store, however, you can also buy it at Nordstrom $1 cheaper:

Prep+Prime at MAC

Prep+Prime at Nordstrom

MAC Prep + Prime Lash (Eyelash Primer) on April 20, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5
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