Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (in Mega Melon, Broadest Berry, Curviest Caramel)

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Clinique Chubby Sticks are moisturizing tinted lip balms. I bought four travel-size chubby sticks for just $25 – I think it was a pre-Christmas limited edition. Although you can’t get this deal anymore, three of four colors are sold individually in full sizes and are available on Sephora.

These chubby sticks are one of the most popular products by Clinique and I can see why. They are super convenient to use and carry around, inexpensive and, most importantly, are two in one – you can use a chubby stick both as a lip balm and a lipstick with a good color payoff.

I got these travel-size chubby sticks in four colors:

04 Mega Melon – sheer peachy pink; this color is very gentle, perfect for spring and summer and is great with no or low-key makeup.

07 Super Strawberry – light natural pink (not available anymore).

01 Curviest Caramel – sheer warm nude; this color will work perfectly with light and medium complexions.

07 Broadest Berry (Intense) – rich mauve/violet; this one is great for winter and fall, also it’s good as a part of evening makeup; will look best on darker complexions.

I can’t say which color I like the most – all of them are pretty great. During the day I use the first three more but in the evening I love wearing Broadest Berry – it’s saturated and bright and it works amazing with the evening eye makeup.

Packaging of the chubby stick is great – it feels more like an oversize pencil in my hands. The balm is good to carry in the purse since it doesn’t melt (unlike Fresh lip balms, for example) and I am not afraid it will break like some of my other lipsticks.

Chubby stick glides on very easily and with some practice you won’t even need a mirror when applying. I love it as a balm – it does moisturize my lips and has a decent staying power. It’s not as good as an average lipstick’s staying power, but for a balm it’s pretty good.

All four chubby lip sticks that I have are more or less sheer (except Broadest Berry) and you can build up the color.

I use my chubby sticks as a quick fix when in hurry and usually wear one in my purse. It’s one of my favorite on-the-go touch-up products. I am still not sure if I buy a full size chubby stick (can’t decide between Clinique and Tarte) but for $25 I am very happy with four travel-size chubby lip sticks. Hopefully, this year Clinique will come up with a similar deal again. Also, I am interested in a huge variety of colors they offer so we’ll see.

After a good experience with Clinique chubby sticks for lips, I am planning to try their Sculpting Contour and Shadow Tint for Eyes chubby sticks.

Good value
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I bought my chubby sticks on Sephora: Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (in Mega Melon, Broadest Berry, Curviest Caramel) on April 13, 2015 rated 3.8 of 5
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