Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base

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I am in love with Tony Moly products. They are incredibly cute, inexpensive and good quality. Tony Moly has been slowly making its way to the U.S. market. Now you can see some of their products at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. However, I recommend buying Tony Moly from Amazon – it’s much cheaper. For example, Sephora sells the Eye Base for $12 plus tax plus shipping (unless you have VIB benefits) and it’s out of stock right now. Amazon sells it for $8.88, no tax and free shipping on Prime.

Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base is an eye serum base designed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles around eyes (Panda’s Effect J). I have a big problem with puffiness and dark circles, so I was pretty excited about this product.

Packaging of Eye Base is really, really cute. The tube is small, portable and shaped in a form of a little panda. The stick can easily fit in your purse and you can use it throughout the day to brighten your eyes. However, I usually use the base only in the morning when I apply my makeup – I’ll explain why in a second.

The stick is white and when you apply it it feels like a nice light cream. I apply it all around my eyes (very easy!) after I apply my face primer (Guerlain Meteorites, NARS Light Optimizing Primer or Smashbox Photo Finish) and before I apply Diorsnow BB Eye Cream (any other BB eye cream that matches your skin color would work as well). For better absorption, I pat it in lightly with my fingers. Panda’s Dream helps lighten my dark circles and reduce some puffiness but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone because if you have medium complexion like I do, you will look like an opposite of panda – with white circles around your eyes instead of the dark ones. I have to say that Panda’s Dream plus BB eye cream is an amazing combination: Panda’s Dream reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles, BB eye cream conceals the dark circles completely and evens out the color of your skin.

I never re-apply it during the day because 1) if you wear full makeup, you don’t want to apply eye base over your foundation and powder – it will feel too much, and 2) it’s really white, so after you apply it you have to apply something matching your skin color over it.

Moreover, applying the eye base in the morning is more than enough. It does help your eyes look “awakened” and illuminates the skin around your eyes giving you a fresher, healthier look.

I use Panda’s Dream daily now – because it’s so easy to use it doesn’t add any more time to my makeup routine and it helps me so much with my dark circles.

Covers dark circles
Good value
Awesome factor

I bought this product on Amazon: Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Cream Base

More reviews on Tony Moly coming soon! My next Tony Moly review will be on their mini lip balms – Peach, Blueberry and Cherry!

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base on April 12, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5
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